Pro-Trump Art Show Shut Down Thanks To Leftist Threats

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Scott Greer Contributor
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New York is set to host a first of its kind art show this weekend but social justice warriors are doing everything they can to shut it down.

#DaddyWillSaveUs bills itself as the first pro-Donald Trump art show ever, and features prominent supporters of the Republican nominee, such as Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos and writer Gavin McInnes.

However, it was announced on Wednesday night that the Brooklyn gallery hosting the event had pulled out after receiving a barrage of threats from left-wing activists. The artist behind the event, Lucian Wintrich, talked to The Daily Caller before the one-of-a-kind show was cancelled, and is now in the process of trying to find a replacement venue by Saturday.

“There’s a relative notion out there right now that liberal progressives are the only people who contribute to the arts or produce art and that they’re at the cultural forefront and that conservatives, for whatever reason, are this sort of antiquated, out-of-touch group of people, when I believe the exact opposite is true,” Wintrich told TheDC.

Wintrich has already made a name for his Trump support after his “Twinks for Trump” photoshoot was used for Yiannopoulos’s event at the Republican National Convention. He has since faced significant backlash for his politics and was fired from his marketing firm over his public support for The Donald.

The photographer told TheDC that two venues had already “bailed” on him prior to the most recent cancellation because none of the places wanted to host a pro-Trump event.

However, that pressure hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for Trump, whom he sees as the natural choice for artists.

“Donald Trump is the pro-arts and culture candidate,” Wintrich believes. “He is not guarded with what he says, which is, there’s no censorship.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is just too boring for Wintrich.

“Hillary’s highly censored; everything she says is very rehearsed and tested with audiences to make sure that she’s not offending anybody and occasionally she slips up and offends somebody and profusely apologizes,” he said, adding that this politically correct style is anti-art.

“That hurts the arts. That hurts culture,” he noted. “It’s very anti-progress if you’re always tip-toeing around, and I think a lot of artists sort of see that, that Trump presents this incredible, new cultural dynamic we have after we were going down this road of progressive-regressive thinking and language and art and culture. Trump’s going to help tear down that wall while building another one.”

Wintrich feels his fellow artists are progressive by default because they don’t question what they read in popular outlets.

“I think a lot of people who consider themselves part of the arts and culture, they’re not free-thinking enough consider challenging the narrative that they’re met with via publications like Salon and Huffington Post… I think a lot of people are just, they’re very sheep-like or sheepishly just read some sort of nonsense,” he told TheDC.

With all of the opposition to his views, Wintrich is still hopeful that political correctness can be overcome and more art shows like his can take place.

“There’s this permeating regressive sensitivity where we can’t challenge any norms, we can’t really say anything, and it’s a way of progressives silencing even other progressives and other liberals so that they can control the narrative, and right now I think what we’re seeing is that they’re grasp on that is slipping,” he said.

Wintrich told TheDC Wednesday night that the show will go on in spite of the latest venue cancellation.

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