Trump Boasts Of ‘Single Most Decisive Victory In The History Of Vice Presidential Debates’

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday credited his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, with “the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates” after his showdown with Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

His comments, during a campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada, comes after speculation that Trump may be actually frustrated with Pence’s performance on Tuesday night, despite the positive reviews.

“The media is saying Pence won, but didn’t really defend Trump. That isn’t sitting well with the boss,” an anonymous Trump aide told CNN’s John King.

Hillary Clinton also tried to create a wedge between Trump and Pence on Wednesday. “It’s unclear exactly whom Mike Pence was defending last night, but it sure wasn’t Donald Trump,” she tweeted Wednesday.

But during his rally Wednesday, Trump profusely praised Pence, saying he deserves credit for his choice of a running mate.

“How many of you watched the vice presidential debate last night?” Trump said. “Mike Pence did an incredible job. And I’m getting a lot of credit because that’s really my first so-called choice; that was my first hire as we would say in Las Vegas.”

Added Trump: “And I’ll tell you, he was a good one. He was phenomenal. He was cool. He was smart. He was, I mean, you just take a look at him. He was meant to be doing what he’s doing. And we are very, very proud of Gov. Mike Pence. Thank you, Mike Pence.”

“I’d argue that Mike had the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates,” Trump said. “I believe that. And last night America also got to look firsthand at my judgment — and that was judgment.”

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