New Report Sheds Shocking Light On Johnny Manziel’s Drug Issues

Johnny Manziel (Reuters Pictures)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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A new report sheds a light on relatively unknown details about Johnny Manziel’s days at Texas A&M and the beginning of his problems.

The report by Vanity Fair digs deep in Manziel’s past when he was still a rising star for the Aggies. The in-depth interviews with some in his inner circle paint a picture much bleaker than what most people and sports pundits around the country previously thought. It specifically targets Manziel’s alleged drug use. (RELATED: Hookstead’s Hot Take: The Media Is Largely Responsible For Johnny Manziel’s Downfall)

Vanity Fair wrote in part:

It was a lot to handle for a small-town kid, and Manziel didn’t cope well. Like many college students, he enjoyed his beer. As his parents, Paul and Michelle Manziel, admitted to ESPNmagazine at the time, they worried his drinking was out of hand. What Manziel’s parents didn’t say, though, was what truly scared them was drug use. Johnny had been dogged by rumors of it almost as soon as he came on the national scene, but this account, offered by members of his close circle of family and friends, is the first to detail their dramatic attempts to curtail what even now they euphemistically call his love for “partying.”

It was that June when his parents realized the severity of the problem—this according to Johnny’s longtime best friend, Steven Brant, who at the time lived with him in an off-campus house in College Station. It was there that Michelle found drug paraphernalia. “She came into the house and found some pipes, and she totally freaked out,” remembers Brant. “They moved him out. It happened so fast. I was out playing basketball, and when I came back Johnny was gone, and so was all of his furniture.”

Manziel has apparently been working hard to get back into shape for football and make a return to the NFL. By many measures his days of wild partying appear to be over, and he is now eligible to return to the league after serving a four game suspension. (RELATED: Johnny Manziel’s NFL Suspension Is Officially Over)

Only time will tell how the Johnny Manziel saga will eventually end, but there’s no doubt the problems were way worse than people initially knew.

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