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College football season is in full swing, as we are currently in what is officially Week 7. The progression of college football season goes hand-in-hand with colder weather, so it might make sense to get a hoodie in support of your favorite team.

Why do I mention this? Because NCAA hoodies are currently available for only $20. They normally cost $65, so this is a 69 percent discount.

Save $45 on a college hoodie (Photo via eBay)

Save $45 on a college hoodie (Photo via eBay)

NCAA Hoodies by Adidas & Majestic on sale for $19.99

Here is a list of teams available. Many of them even come in multiple designs:

  • Tennessee Volunteers
  • Wisconsin Badgers
  • Michigan Wolverines
  • Cincinnati Bearcats
  • California Golden Bears
  • South Carolina Gamecocks
  • Georgia Bulldogs
  • Illinois Fighting Illini
  • Florida State Seminoles
  • UNC Tarheels
  • Kentucky Wildcats
  • Missouri Tigers
  • Oklahoma Sooners
  • Oklahoma State Cowboys
  • Texas A&M Aggies
  • Colorado Buffaloes
  • Ole Miss Rebels
  • Texas Longhorns
  • LSU Tigers
  • Auburn Tigers
  • NC State Wolfpack
  • Florida Gators
  • Harvard Crimson
  • Texas Longhorns

Twenty dollars for any hoodie is a good deal. But a college football hoodie during college football season? In the time of year when one most needs a hoodie? Twenty dollars is an outright steal.

You will want to see this (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

You will want to see this (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

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