Record Number Of Immigrants Employed In The United States

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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A record number of foreign-born workers had jobs in the United States last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

According to the government data, a record 26,146,000 “foreign born” people were employed in the United States during the month of September. September’s “foreign born” employment level is 12,000 more than the previous record — 26,134,000 — set in August. Neither sets of data are seasonally adjusted.

The BLS defines the “foreign born” as “those residing in the United States who were not U.S. citizens at birth. That is, they were born outside the United States or one of its outlying areas such as Puerto Rico or Guam, to parents neither of whom was a U.S. citizen.”

Also in September, the unemployment rate among the foreign born was 4.4 percent with a 65.4 percent labor force participation rate.

The native-born population also saw its employment level grow in September compared with the previous month. According to the not seasonally adjusted data, 162,000 more native-born people were employed in September over the 125,670,000 employed in August, reaching a total of 125,832,000.

The BLS defines the “native born” as people who were born in the United States or its territories or who were born abroad to a least one U.S. citizen parent.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate among the “native born” was 4.9 percent and the unemployment rate was 62.3 percent.

Overall, the BLS reported that last month the economy added 156,000 non payroll jobs and the unemployment rate increased 5 percent and the labor force participation rate was 62.9 percent.