This 737 Almost Crashed On Landing Because Of Insane Crosswind [VIDEO]

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A Boeing 737 was forced to abort its landing after a sudden crosswind nearly rocked the plane on its side as it attempted to land Friday.

The passenger jet was landing in Prague when camera footage revealed the scary incident as it happened.

A powerful gust of wind struck the aircraft as it was about to touch down, causing the pilot to abort the landing at the last possible moment.

According to ABC News, the plane was able to circle back around and land safely.

A pilot explained to CNN that crosswind landings look dramatic, but that’s because airplanes are actually designed to be “weather vanes that point into the wind.” Planes actually point towards the wind (like a weather vane) while its airborne, and pilots only usually point the plane so it is aligned with the runway for the landing.

Passenger pilot Daniel Fahl said that pilots deal with crosswinds all the time, and that its not dangerous. “It just requires the utmost of your training to kick in,” Fahl told CNN.

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