DAILY CALLER PATRIOT: Shirtless, Flag-Wielding Florida Man Scoffs At Hurricane Matthew [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshots/Legal Insurrection

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As Hurricane Matthew bore down on Florida on Friday, many residents of the state had taken shelter inside their boarded-up homes — or evacuated altogether to a drier, happier place.

Jacksonville-area guitar enthusiast, patriot and epically-maned quasi-rock god Lane Pittman wasn’t about to let a Category 4 storm ruin his party, however.

Here is how Pittman responded:

“Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it,” Pittman explained on his Facebook page. “#turnt #merica Slayer Emma Watson #hmu #rainingblood #orjustsimplyraining #redhaireverywhere #volumeup add me on snapchat @Lpisbeastly”

Pittman’s decision to laugh in the face of nature isn’t his first brush with fame.

In 2015, notes Legal Insurrection, Pittman managed to get arrested for playing the Star Spangled Banner — on the Fourth of July, on an electric guitar, on a public sidewalk.

Police later dropped the charges and developed a new respect — an awe, really — for Pittman.

“[W]e understand that Mr. Pittman is what many people describe as a ‘Great Dude,'” the Neptune Beach Police Department wrote on its Facebook page. “We don’t dispute that. Moving forward we wish Mr. Pittman the best of luck with his entertainment career.”

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