Trump Seizes On Clinton’s Lincoln Point: ‘Honest Abe Never Lied’

Rachel Stoltzfoos | Managing Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Donald Trump compared Hillary Clinton with former President Abraham Lincoln after she mentioned him in the debate Sunday, saying the difference between the two of them is that Lincoln never lied.

“Honest Abe never lied,” Trump said as he pointed at Clinton. “That’s the difference between Abe Lincoln and you.”

Clinton brought up Lincoln when she was asked in the debate about a leaked speech transcript in which she described the need to have a “public” and “private” view as a politician. “Is it okay for a politician to be two-faced?” debate moderator Martha Raddatz asked.

Clinton responded by saying she made the remarks in the context of a discussion about the popular film “Lincoln.” She said Lincoln showed great presidential leadership by using different arguments to convince different members of Congress to his side of the argument.

Trump seized on the reference. “That’s one I haven’t seen,” he said, referring to her use of Lincoln to justify the comment.

His campaign team quickly composed a follow up tweet to drive the point home. “History lesson: There’s a big difference between Hillary Clinton and Abraham Lincoln. For one, his nickname is Honest Abe,” the tweet said, along with a photo of Clinton labeled “Liar” next to a photo of Lincoln labeled “Honest.”

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