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Vernon Jordan Bragged About Bill Clinton’s ‘P***y’ Talk

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Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Somebody from Jupiter who landed in Washington Friday when the Donald Trump “pussy” video went viral could be forgiven for imbibing the bipartisan hysterics and concluding that the GOP nominee is the only man on Planet Earth who ever talked casually about trying to “fuck” a woman or angling to get some “pussy.”

Actually, other guys, including quite a few public figures,  have been known to use that kind of language among themselves. But similar revelations created far less outrage — even when the language was imputed to a sitting president of the United States.

In 1998, when Monica Lewinsky first became a household name, civil rights luminary Vernon Jordan — who tried to get the little lady a job after her impressive White House internship — was asked by an interviewer what he and his buddy Bill Clinton discuss on the golf course.

We talk pussy,” he explained.

The comment got some attention but hardly the saturation coverage accorded Trump’s own newly-revealed pussy talk with one of his buddies.

Interestingly, according to Vanity Fair, at a 1980s dinner party, Jordan privately told the hostess, “You look like a woman who likes to fuck.”

Evan Gahr