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Afternoon Mirror: The Debate Edition (Round 2)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“No kids, it doesn’t have to be like this … and it isn’t always like this. This is an unfortunate year.”

David Gregory, CNN political analyst.



Comedian Chelsea Handler disses Melania Trump 

“1 on 3. That’s just how he likes it. #Debates” — Chelsea Handler, comedian. Also this: “Hopefully someone is explaining all this to Melania right now. #Debates”

Donald Trump Has A Question

“Why do you interrupt me all the time? Why don’t you interrupt her?” — Donald Trump to debate co-moderator Martha Raddatz.

Compliments for the moderators: Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz 

“Both Martha and Anderson have been excellent moderators so far.” — BuzzFeed Executive Editor of Culture Saeed Jones.

“GREAT JOB @andersoncooper and CNN moderating this debate.” — Jason Howerton, deputy editor, IJR.

“Moderators doing a very good job (for a change) under very difficult circumstances #debate.” — Julie Rovner, senior correspondent, Kaiser Health News.

Except not everyone was so fond of them…

“Why is it fair for moderators to debate only the gop candidate?” — Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union Chair, CPAC.

“Moderators been hopeless tonight & woefully one-sided in their interjections.” — Piers Morgan.

A complaint about the debate…

“Why don’t they let the town hall people ask follow up questions? That would be entertaining af. ‘Dog you literally answered a dif question'” — Bubba Atkinson, former editor-in-chief of IJR, now working for Jim VandeHei’s new undisclosed media project.

Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette refuses to cover Trump’s hot mic moment 

“It appears that Laura Ingraham’s website, LifeZette, has chosen to entirely ignore the lewd Trump tape. Exactly zero coverage on the website.” — Business Insider‘s Oliver Darcy.

To which Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams replied, “Those who passed on writing gigs there: You should feel even better about your decision. You know who you are.”

Trump’s sniffing continues…

“When my kid sniffles this much, I hand him a tissue and tell him to blow his nose already before it drives me mad.” — Michelle Kosinski.

“If you see something, sniff something.” — Patrick Coffee, Adweek’s AgencySpy.

“Every time Hillary makes Trump feel small, he gets nasty, aggressive, repetitive. Snorts. Wanders more. Scowls more. Watch him respond now.” — Tony Schwartz, author, The Art of the Deal.

Journo Hate Mail: Reader says I’ve gone to bed with fools 

“You are a liberal reporting false rumors about Pence having second thoughts..I think you either made this story up or you are in bed with fools from the dark side ( libs).” — Larry Evans, after I reported that rumors were swirling that Donald Trump‘s VP Mike Pence might jump off the ticket.

Trump gets caught lying mid-debate 



Ana Navarro mocks Trump on foreign policy knowledge 

“Dude who didn’t know difference between Quds and Kurds says @HillaryClinton doesn’t ‘even know who the (Syrian) rebels are.'”


“I wouldn’t have reported on the Kathy Shelton case if I knew @realDonaldTrump would use a tormented rape victim as political prop. Sickening.” — Politico‘s Glenn Thrush.

CJ Pearson complains about Joe Scarborough 

“LMAO, did @JoeNBC just tell his guest to ‘not scream’ when @morningmika has been screaming all day? 30 seconds later, @JoeNBC is now screaming.” — CJ Pearson, teen journo.