Bias: NBC News Runs 6 ‘Fact Checks’ During Debate On Trump, None On Hillary

Derek Hunter Contributor
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NBC News had its “fact-checkers” doing live “fact checks” during the debate, but they only seemed to be checking one candidate: Donald Trump. And, unsurprisingly, the NBC News team declared every one of Trump’s statements they “fact-checked” to be false.

First was when talking about Hillary Clinton wiped her secret email server clean:

Clinton used “BleachBit,” a program designed to ensure data recovery is nearly impossible, to wipe her server. Trump said Clinton “bleached” her server, but he didn’t use the program’s full name. For this, NBC News declared his statement false.

Next was Trump’s response to Clinton’s claim Russia was hacking Democrats’ communications because they want to help Trump.

Trump is more wrong than right on this, though not completely. While there’s nothing to suggest the Russians want to help Trump, the intelligence community did say it is likely they were behind at least some of the hacks.

Then came Trump’s statement on Hillary Clinton laughing at getting the accused rapist of then 12-year-old Kathy Shelton off.

Curiously citing the irrelevant fact that Clinton was court appointed and did not choose the case, NBC News claims Clinton wasn’t laughing at Shelton, but about the case. Clinton can be heard laughing after saying, “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.”

The next fact check was about Trump’s support or opposition for the Iraq war.

Trump’s statements about the pending Iraq war are ambiguous at best. He casually said “Yeah, I guess so,” when asked about it by Howard Stern. But others have come forward to claim Trump was more vocal in his opposition prior to the invasion.

Next was Trump’s statement that he didn’t encourage people to watch a “sex tape.”

Trump did, in fact, tweet that.

Then came Trump’s statement that neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists were aware of their plot but didn’t say anything because of political correctness.

This is a mild misstatement by Trump. In the wake of the horrific attack, it was reported that neighbors saw activity they deemed suspicious but did not report it to authorities because they were afraid to be accused of “racial profiling.”

Not one thing Hillary Clinton said was fact-checked.