Clinton Supporter Holmes Norton: Hillary’s Deplorables Line Was The Worst ‘I’ve Ever Heard In Politics’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton said during a Monday interview that Hillary Clinton’s line about Donald Trump’s deplorable supporters was the worst thing she’s “ever heard in politics.”


The Washington, DC Democrat was answering a question from Jonathan Allen on the Bill Press Show about Sunday’s presidential debate.

“Have you thought about Secretary Clinton yesterday, and whether the things she said were able to bridge that divide between the base rallies she goes to and the American public, the general public that was watching?” Allen asked Holmes Norton.

“Well, she had some work to do too,” the Congresswoman responded. “About half of somebody’s supporters being deplorables was maybe the worst line I’ve ever heard in politics.”

“You never — even when you’re running against a bunch of racists, you never take off against the voters. It was a politics 101 foible,” she added.

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