Pants Are On Sale For Those Of You Who Need Pants (And Everyone Else, Too)

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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This sale is both for people who need pants and for people who don’t necessarily need pants. (Because even that latter group will need pants eventually.) So, it makes sense for folks who don’t need pants right now to think ahead and buy pants when they are 70 percent off, as they currently are.

There’s four categories of pants included in this sale: men’s dress pants, men’s casual pants, women’s pants and women’s pull-on pants. I’m not a woman, so I don’t know what pull-on pants are or why they don’t qualify as “women’s pants,” but presumably that makes sense to you ladies out there.

Brands included in this deal are Haggar, Izod, Savane, Kenneth Cole, Perry Ellis, Van Heusen, Dockers, Penguin and many, many more.

This deal only lasts through the end of the day, so you better act quick or else you’ll be caught with your pants down.

Both men and women's pants are 70 percent off today (Amazon screenshot)

Both men and women’s pants are 70 percent off today (Amazon screenshot)

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