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BAD ETIQUETTE: Politico Should Stop Treating Reporter As Its Pool Boy

C/o Politico.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Please. Every since Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer took over the reins of Mike Allen‘s Playbook, Daniel Lippman, previously worked under Allen, has been considered the third wheel.

They present the team like this:

By Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman with Daniel Lippman, as if Lippman was their manservant.

Even the New York Times profile of the new Politico Playbook 2.0 says Lippman, 26, will “assist” them. Even Tuesday’s edition of Politico presents him as a with and not an official co-author.

But now suddenly he’s a “co-author?”



Not that he doesn’t deserve to be, but shame on Politico for the way they’ve handled this.

On Tuesday, Politico PR sent out a release announcing that Lippman has landed on LinkedIn’s “Next Wave Influencer” list. Which means that Lippman “was among ten media professionals 35 and under who are influencing what Americans read, watch and listen to daily.”

NOW he’s a Playbook co-author.

See below.