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Evan Bayh (D-IN) Stinks

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I may be a man without a party these days, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to start voting Democrat. Especially not when my home state of Indiana keeps bringing back phony creeps like Evan Bayh.

Bayh lost my respect when he voted for Obamacare to avoid seeing “the satisfied looks on the faces of Republican leaders.” And he’s not winning me back. Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner:

How lucrative is it to be a former member of Congress? Just ask Indiana Democratic Senate candidate Evan Bayh, who in just six years after leaving the Senate in 2011 built as much as $40 million in wealth — mostly from K Street lobbying firms and corporate board positions he never would have had except that he’s a former senator and governor…

Bayh follows a pattern of former lawmakers who are able to use those connections to move over to lobbying and make millions, as documented for more than a decade by my colleague Tim Carney. It comes as little surprise that Bayh, who has lived in Washington for quite a long time, couldn’t remember when asked for the token Indiana address he has maintained (he has a one-bedroom condo).

I’m not going to give out the address, but I know exactly where that condo is. In fact, it’s in one of the developments I looked at when I moved back to Indy. I didn’t end up moving there, but let’s just say it’s well within my price range. And I’m a blogger. Bayh does not live there, and it sounds like he’s never even been there.

Yeah, I know, lots of career politicians maintain token residences in their home states for legal reasons. I’ve never liked it, and I don’t like it now. As I recall, that’s what finally pushed Dick Lugar out of office. Everybody figured the crusty old barnacle would be clinging to the ship of state until he died, but when his out-of-state residency became a campaign issue, he was defeated. If any Hoosiers miss him, I’m not one of ’em.

Bayh is a fraud. Just look at this campaign ad:

Well, he is a lobbyist. And as Brent Scher at the Washington Free Beacon reported:

Evan Bayh dropped a campaign ad this week to convince voters that he has “Hoosier values” by showing them a video of him playing basketball with his kids, who are wearing Indiana basketball shirts even though they grew up in Washington, D.C., and both go to Harvard University…

The Bayh campaign did not respond to an inquiry into whether the ad was filmed in Indiana or in Washington D.C.

Which means it was filmed in DC. But hey, check it out: they’re playing basketball. We Hoosiers love our hoops, right? What a bunch of rubes we are.

Not me. I’m voting for Republican Todd Young for the US Senate. I’m voting against liberals, whether they’re running at the state level or at the top of the GOP ticket. And I’m voting for the guy who actually lives in Indiana.

I’m Sean Medlock, and I approve this blog post.

P.S. Tony Cook and Chelsea Schneider, Indianapolis Star: “Evan Bayh met several times with executives from a future employer during his final months in the U.S. Senate — a direct contradiction of what his campaign has said in recent weeks.”