Prominent Liberal: Under A Trump Administration, Mobs Could Kill Minorities With Impunity

Scott Greer Contributor
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Vox writer Matthew Yglesias believes that a Donald Trump administration offers the possibility that “angry mobs” could murder Jews and people of color without the fear of the law intervening to stop their crimes.

“My guess is that in a Trump administration angry mobs will beat and murder Jews and people of color with impunity,” Yglesias said in a Tuesday Twitter conversation with Slate political correspondent Jamelle Bouie and conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.

The conversation was started by Bouie tweeting his frustration that the Republican Party will face no serious consequences, in his opinion, for nominating Trump.

“The GOP has brought the country to the edge of fascism and state-sanctioned racial violence and there will be no consequence,” Bouie wrote.

The Slate writer believes Trump promises “racial violence” because of his plans to deport illegal immigrants, mandate national stop-and-frisk and of the off-chance the state ignores terror committed by private citizens against minorities if he becomes president.

Douthat was skeptical of these claims.

As to what consequences Bouie desires for the GOP to suffer for nominating Trump, he did not say. The prospect of electoral humiliation was not sufficient for him.

The idea that Trump could be another Adolf Hitler has become a common rhetorical theme among liberals and anti-Trump conservatives this election cycle. As an example, The Washington Post published a column by the neoconservative Robert Kagan in May warning that the Trump campaign is essentially fascist. The article was lauded and widely-shared by big-name liberals and journalists.

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