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Podesta Butthurt Over Defeat Of Cecil The Lion

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Out of all the revelations in the Podesta email leak, this one is my favorite so far.

Stephen Gutowski, Washington Free Beacon:

John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, wrote that the man who killed Cecil the Lion should be extradited to Zimbabwe and jailed…

In an August 1, 2015 email to former New York Times reporter Barry Bearak, Podesta suggested that Bearak write a column calling for Cecil the Lion’s killer to be sent back to Zimbabwe to face local authorities…

“As the only person anyone knows who has spent time in a Zimbabwe jail, you should pen an oped calling for his killer’s extradition,” he wrote to Bearak.

“What an asshole,” Podesta continued.

Podesta, a weirdo vegan crossdresser who believes in UFOs, used his media contacts to try to extradite an American citizen for hunting. Just another hippie fascist. I wonder what he’ll do when he’s in the White House and can actually get something like that done? Will he use his power to enforce the will of Internet hate mobs like the one that went after Cecil’s conqueror? Is that how things are supposed to work?

Just another reason you should vote for Hillary’s opponent.

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who defeated Cecil, should be put on a pedestal, not in a cell. He did the right thing. Lions eat people and need to be wiped out. Biodiversity is for the weak. Cecil was a bum, and I’m glad he’s dead.

Now that I think about it, Palmer should run for president. He’s the man this beleaguered, divided country needs.

Who’s with me?

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