Words Vs. Deed: Trump Vs. The Clintons On Women

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Robert Chernin Chairman, American Center of Education and Knowledge
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With all the hysteria surrounding the release of Trump’s locker-room comments back in 2006, a little perspective seems in order.  Everyone agrees that his comments were clearly offensive, beyond the pale and totally unacceptable. Period.  It reinforces an issue and a concern that he has to look the American public straight in the eyes and talk about openly and honestly.  He started to do that with his first apology, and went even further in the 2nd Presidential debate.  However, to the Main Street Media I suspect nothing he says will ever be good enough.  Their mission in life these days seems to be nothing short of the total and absolute destruction of Donald Trump.  Talk about red meat to the faithful.  Nothing like the whiff of a good “sex scandal” to get the MSM in an uproar and ignore the real issues in the campaign.  So be it.  To them, no matter what Trump says, it will never be enough at least not until they get Hillary elected this November.  The sober truth is that no one really knows exactly what impact this will have on the trajectory of his campaign.  A lot will depend on how America reacts to the sincerity of his apology and how he handles himself between now and election day.  Thirty days is a lifetime in politics.

What I am really struck by the most however is the absolute and total hypocrisy of it all.  Bill Clinton raped at least one woman and probably two.  When that was discovered, the Democrats and Main Street Media did not protest.  Quite to the contrary, with direction from Hillary sitting by his side (“I ain’t no Tammy Wynette”) they repeatedly and intentionally denigrated and smeared his accusers in an attempt to discredit them.  And that they did, efficiently, ruthlessly and without remorse. It makes Hillary’s claim of being the great protector of women a total mockery.  What happened to her statement that all rape victims deserve to be believed?  When the Lewinsky affair was revealed, and the fact that the President was getting oral sex from her in the Oval Office again the Democrats and the Main Street Media said it was “just about sex”, and was a “personal matter”.  Let’s also remember at the time Ms. Lewinsky was an intern at the White House and President Clinton was essentially her boss.  Even then the Democrats and the MSM saw no problem with him getting re-elected to a second term.  Heaven help those who come between the Clinton’s and their lust for power and money.  Alongside “her man”, Hillary intimidated, threatened and smeared multiple woman including Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Gennifer Flowers, just to name a few.  The list is long and the evidence is crystal clear on this point.

I am not defending Trump, or his comments.  They were beyond demeaning to any and all woman I know, including my wife and daughter.  However, this is just the latest example in a long line of incidents that exposes the huge hypocrisy being perpetrated on the public by the Democrats and the mainstream media.  I was always taught that actions speak louder than words… which to me is still true, unless, of course, you are Bill or Hillary Clinton.