‘Gay Marriage’ Will Lead To ‘Mass Killings Once Again,’ Ben Carson Prophesies

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In a speech late last week, former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told a gathering of evangelical Christians that the newly-minted constitutional right to same-sex marriage will lead to “mass killings once again.”

Carson gave the speech on October 7 as the keynote speaker during the Pensmore National Symposium on Religious Liberty at the College of the Ozarks located roughly in the middle of nowhere in the southwest corner of Missouri.

“There will be mass killings once again,” the retired neurosurgeon predicted during his until-now-generally-unreported speech, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

“The whole gay marriage issue” will be the proximate cause of the coming calamity, Carson told the audience.

“I believe the reason is, if you can change the word of God in one area, then you can change it in every area,” Carson explained. “It’s the camel’s nose under the tent, and it will just be an avalanche of one thing after the other.”

“The peace that we experience now will be a memory only,” he also foretold. “This is the nation that stands between peace and utter chaos.”

“We won’t have anything that we can use as our reference point because we will have thrown out God’s word,” Carson added, according to the Daily Mail. “It’ll be every man for himself, every man deciding for himself what is right and what is wrong, and that can’t possibly lead to a good place.”

The thrust of much of the rest of Carson’s speech concerned his belief that a smaller government is better than a large, intrusive government.

The Presbyterian-affiliated, deeply religious College of the Ozarks is a unique school which offers students free tuition and deeply-discounted room and board in exchange for a commitment to work part-time — making the school’s famous fruitcakes, perhaps, or working in the campus museum where visitors can see the original jalopy used in “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

Carson, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, dropped out of the race for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination on March 2. Shortly thereafter, he endorsed eventual nominee Donald Trump.

For the last several months, Carson has been a Trump surrogate, speaking frequently on Trump’s behalf on cable news programs.

On Thursday, Carson took to “Fox & Friends” to defend Trump against a multitude of new groping charges.

“The people have to see through this, because, again, the train is going off the cliff,” Carson declared. “Our country is going off the cliff financially, and in so many other ways.”

Carson’s entire College of the Ozarks speech — which he appears to have given without the aid of notes or a teleprompter — is available online at the website of the College of the Ozarks. The first part is here. The second part is here.

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