There Is Donald Trump Hot Sauce And I Want It Bigly

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Running for president has its perks. One of the lesser known ones I guess is that they make a hot sauce in your honor. Yes, that means you can spice up your eggs or tacos or whatever you put hot sauce on  with Donald Trump hot sauce. The bottle features The Donald’s visage with the words “Democrats, You’re FIRED.” Obviously, that is amazing, so it should come as no surprise that I want a bottle.

This is 'Trump's Presidential Hot Sauce' (Photo via Amazon)

This is ‘Trump’s Presidential Hot Sauce’ (Photo via Amazon)

Democrats, You’re FIRED! Presidential Hot Sauce available for $9.99

The sauce is habanero and vinegar based. It currently features a perfect 5-star customer rating, although to be fair that only comes from three reviewers.

Charles wrote:

i was a bit skeptical of this hot sauce because i have always thought that it was unpatriotic to believe my burritos were anything but great. after i tried the trump sauce a few things fell into place. i grew 4 inches taller and and my wife’s breasts grew 2 cup sizes. my son brought home all A’s on his report card and my dog stopped pooping in the basement. there was an immediate affect on my confidence i was able to finally get that promotion. not to mention my burrito was fantastic.

The next reviewer titled their entry “Impressive Flavor“:

Take little bites when using this sauce, it’s hotter than Mike Pence on a horse.

And Aaron Rogers agreed:

Make food great again!!! This sauce is hotter than Donald’s one liners!

There’s no way to verify if that “Aaron Rogers” is actually either a typo or a pen name for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But if even he likes the sauce, then I know it must be good.

Supporters of Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump dance at a campaign rally in Ocala

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