EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Is ‘Pondering’ Writing A Book On Trump Campaign And Election

Credit: Larry King (YouTube)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Donald Trump ally Roger Stone let it be known Sunday that the non-disclosure agreement he signed with the Trump campaign is “invalid” and told The Daily Caller he is “tempted” to write a book on the election.

“It turns out the entity with which I signed a non-disclosure agreement for the [Trump] campaign was never legally constituted ,” Stone tweeted out Sunday afternoon.

“I might write a book after the election,” Stone told TheDC. “It’d be a different book if he won, it’d be a different book if he loses.”

“A lot of publishers have approached me about writing a book about this election,” Stone added. He doesn’t know who specifically would publish it. Stone even said, “Who knows, I might hold an auction.” Stone is a New York Times best-selling author and has already written four books.

The longtime political consultant told TheDC, “I think it would be about his campaign within the context of the election. Trump already has made history. Every American should be grateful for his contribution of keeping Jeb Bush out of the White House.”

Stone said, “The story of his nomination is in itself an extraordinary story. I can’t write the story of the general election yet because it’s not over and we don’t know how it turns out.”

He hasn’t started writing it yet, Stone said, it is “only in his mind.” The longtime political operative has known Trump for decades and owned a lobbying firm with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.