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SNL Mocks Bill Clinton’s Accusers, Who Hillary Tried To Destroy [VIDEO]

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I tried to watch last night’s SNL, because in October 2016 it is a grim obligation. I tried, I really did, but I only got through it as far as the first bit below:

Hillary: “Get real. I’m made of steel. This is nothing. Hi, girls!” [LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE]

I couldn’t watch after that. It’s fine to attack Trump for bringing those women to the debate, and then turning right around and saying all the women accusing him of sexual assault are lying. That’s fair game. But it’s disgusting to provide covering fire for Hillary Clinton, who has tried to destroy the numerous women who have accused her husband of assaulting them.

The joke here is that rape victims are powerless, and Democrats only care about them if they’re useful politically. And SNL wants the Democrats to win.

Hilarious? Girl power? So I’m told. Guess I just don’t like mean girls.

Also, Baldwin’s impression of Trump isn’t very good. He’s got a few gestures and facial expressions down, and then the wig and ill-fitting suit do the rest of the work. But he doesn’t sound anything like the guy. He’s more like a fat Lloyd Bridges.

Bring back Darrell Hammond as Trump. He did a much better job, and as far as we know, he’s never called an 11-year-old girl a “rude little pig.”

P.S. This will be fun to retweet in 6 months, when he hosts again.