What The Actual F**k Is Nancy Pelosi Talking About??? [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Nancy Pelosi spent much of her Sunday morning interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper dodging questions about why Hillary Clinton has not been able to put away Donald Trump.

Tapper asked the House minority leader why the recent Trump scandals have “barely moved the needle” for most American voters.

Her response was nonsensical at best.

“Well what I think for the people who said it has no effect on their vote,” Pelosi stated. “It means they want to know about things that are going to affect them.”

“What’s on the ballot is his name and Hillary Clinton’s name,” she continued. “But what’s also on the ballot is Medicare, Medicaid. We have a Republican Congress that would remove the guarantee of Medicare, family planning. We have a Republican Congress that would defund contraception family planning, etc.”

“Uhh, education, a budget on the Republicans that would cut $185 billion from education Pell Grants, et cetera and give tax breaks to the wealthiest people.”

“That is really what the election should be about, about the economy,” she told Tapper, regardless of the original question. “I always say to my colleagues, ‘show me your values, show me your budget.’ If you have a budget that favors the rich, does not invest in education in a proper way — which does reduce the deficit by the way, nothing reduces the deficit more than education of the American people — and then they want to have small government except when it comes to your personal life.”

“They have a budget that is not a statement of our values that we have a big contrast with, and that is what should be the subject, that that does affect people — if you are a senior or have a senior in your family you do want medicare to be a guarantee.”

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