A Snapshot In Imperial Time

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William Jurs Freelance Writer
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Jill Stein has endorsed Donald Trump. No, not literally, but effectively, in declaring Hillary a nuclear-level danger when it comes Russia that is much scarier than Trump, Stein told C-SPAN.

The buzz among many military minds is that tensions with Russia now surpass the Cold War in hot war risk. If elected, Hillary Clinton can only assume little time in office to push through her agenda, given challenges from the Republicans and potential health issues.  To succeed, she will need extraordinary authority of the sort only war can offer.

The American establishment has two options. One is retrenchment from escalating wars and a diplomatic detox and rehab for our declining international position. The other is more of the same. The Eurasian landmass has united against American global leadership due to the reckless policies of the last two presidents. That’s not a hot war we can win, even Obama sees that. But Hillary does not, and her terrible judgment and lack of normal human inhibition is legendary.

The ruling class would serve itself best with a period of internal rebuilding and international quiet, assimilating immigrants, improving infrastructure, restoring manufacturing, clearing private debt, and bolstering middle class balance sheet health and income. That’s the wise course and would preserve some trust between the ruled and the ruling class, and restore some establishment media credibility. A social capital injection, as it were.

The other option is war. The last crisis of this magnitude was in the 1930s, and it led to World War II. The little wars since then have been maintenance operations for US Empire. This time we may be on track now for a “real war.”

The policy of pushing Russia back to its Yeltsin-era borders with the help of proxies may easily spark an “incident” that could launch a major world conflict. War would enhance executive power and allow the shutdown of dissenting media, allowing the establishment to generate the sort of consensus Barack Obama recently bemoaned the loss of.

Hillary wants a legacy and has little way to get it short of a world war. Trump wants a legacy also: the internal rebuilding of the country and world peace.

If Trump did engage in some Anchorman-style boorishness with women at the peak of the 1970s sexual revolution (beloved by feminists), which we have no way of confirming, the choice would still be clear. Yet, in half a century of public life, he’s never once been sued for or accused of sexual impropriety that we know of. “All talk, no action,” it would seem.

Where are the lawsuits, settlements, and controversies you’d expect if he was forcing himself on unwilling women all these years? There are none besides what we’ve just gotten, three weeks before the biggest election of our lives. The world is watching, and when WikiLeaks is more reliable than “the paper of record,” something dangerous has happened.

Hillary Clinton is so compromised as a candidate that the only reason she hasn’t been dropped cold by our elites is to block Trump and the risk he poses to their interests. She is also extremely delectable as a delicacy for the powerful, since she is completely owned and controlled.

They can’t see their own long term interests because they’re locked in a war with Trump and with the deplorable 45% of the country that supports him. They’re frantically worrying that he will win, embarrass them and retaliate twice as hard against them for how they’ve treated him. They live by their guilty conscience and double down unto oblivion. The mainstream media is hanging by a thread and torching that thread now with their biased election coverage.

Their big fear isn’t that a Trump presidency will fail, but that it will succeed. More than anything else, they fear a popular, effective leader who maintains high approval and can communicate directly with the public.

Their method of control is to keep the parties balanced 50/50 and maintain low approval ratings for politicians. Popular leaders are anathema to oligarchic control of democracy by media spin, campaign money and re-election pressure.

Ironically, the current collection of establishment policies is leading toward the exact opposite: an inescapable demographic tide toward a Democrat supermajorty that will allow popular, far-left leaders to operate with disregard even to oligarchic interests. A democratic supermajority will fracture the strange bedfellows that comprise its coalition, giving us a potentially three party landscape (when merged with discontented deplorables) which would enable a popular candidate to reach the White House with a mere plurality.

In order to maintain power, our post counter-culture era elite have actually cultivated massive instability and uncertainty in the American political system, far beyond their ability to rein in, which has in turn led to our eclipse on the world stage, now leading to the risk of world war.

Think about it. Stein has.