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‘Everybody Hates Rosie’ And Other Shows That Could Wind Up On TrumpTV After He Loses

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Journalist Twitter convened Monday to figure out what TrumpTV will be when if Donald Trump gets beaten in November. The Washington Examiner confirmed that the network idea is Plan B come November.

The Daily Caller‘s crack team of TV producers — and others outside the pub — came up with a whole bunch of ideas.

Even Oprah might be impressed.


(Griswold works for Mediaite.)


Trump 101 — A Trump University Starter Guide

Breitbart Infomercial
Morning Don
Bad Morning America
Below Par Don, The Interruption
Extreme Makeover: Skyscraper Edition
Primp My Bride
Don The Record
Game Of Zoning
Rosie O’Donnell Is A Total Loser, The Show
The Big Bang Isn’t A Theory — Ask Melania! Believe Me.
The Muppet Show, Starring Katrina Pierson
The Last Word is Donald Trump
Lifestyle Of The Really Rich And Really Famous (Only Trump. Episode is always a rerun.)
1000 Things I Can Grab Because I’m A Star

Eric Owens, The Daily Caller‘s education editor, came up with this one that should be near and dear to Trump’s heart: “On The Wall With Donald Trump.”

A real crowdpleaser: “Everybody Hates Rosie” came from The Daily Caller News Foundation‘s Blake Neff.

Other ideas: “How I Groped Your Mother” and “Orange Is The New White.”

This one is a real original: “Grabbing Antique Wood.”

The premise: It’s a QVC style furniture show featuring scantily-clad women.