Protecting Our Religious Liberty

Patrick J. Walsh Freelance Writer
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The choice for Roman Catholics and other Christians in the upcoming presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could not be clearer.

Hillary Clinton, last year at a speech in New York proclaimed that, “deep seated cultural codes and religious beliefs must be changed.” Clinton would continue the Obama administration’s intimidating policy of creating a single ideological and secular state.

Underlying their ideology is the belief that man is not special and the human person is irrelevant. Roman Catholics believe a person is not a thing or object to be manipulated by the state but a creature to be loved and revered. This is embodied in our Constitution.

Our Constitution also recognizes that religious belief is inherent in our human nature. Priest, poet and painter and all peoples through history seek a loving dimension beyond time that the impoverished Obama and Clinton would deny.

Early in his administration, Obama set off alarms by frequent use in his speeches of the term “freedom of worship” instead of the broader rights granted in the U.S. Constitution of “freedom of religion.” A good priest in Dublin warned me long ago that all social engineering begins with verbal engineering — and to watch for it.

Our First Amendment does not restrict freedom of religion to mere “freedom to worship” as Obama and Clinton would dictate. And nowhere does the amendment speak of the other false phrase propagated by them and our elite media, “separation of church and state.” The First Amendment actually affords  protection of religious freedom from the state establishing a religion. One could argue Obama Clinton are establishing a religion,  an impoverished one but one nonetheless.

At the time of the Constitution it was feared one Christian sect would seek to dominate and stifle other religious denominations with state support. Our Founding  father’s would be outraged at Obama Clinton advocating an anti-Christian one.

Contrariwise, Donald Trump believes in “freedom of religion” as our Founding Father’s did and is in agreement with the recent words of Pope Francis that, “religious liberty by its nature transcends place of worship and cannot be contained.”

With the support of Hillary Clinton, Obama declared war on religious women by trying to force the Little Sisters of the Poor under Obama Care to change their religious belief that life is sacred and to make them distribute abortifacients against their faith or face penalties.

The Little Sisters have 27 homes in the United States that care for the elderly. In May of 2016 in a suit brought by the good sisters, fighting for their religious freedom, the U.S Supreme Court instructed the Obama Administration to accommodate the religious sisters but incredibly, this soulless coercive administration has not done so and is still threatening the nuns with 70 million in fines per year.

Donald Trump defending the sisters vowed his administration “would protect all and any religious orders from the bullying of the  government.” He is pro life, supports Catholic education and has not been silent like Obama and Hillary on the genocide against Catholics at the hands of ISIS.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would be an extension of the Obama nightmare and four more years of oppression against our religious liberty. Recent WikiLeaks email releases from Clinton campaign prove she and her campaign have an open hostility and bigotry toward Roman Catholics, one unparalleled in recent history. Her campaign staff should involved should resign.

A Clinton administration would stifle dissent with the goal of  removing Roman Catholics and other Christians from the public square.

The Second Vatican Council called upon the Catholic laity to transform the world by taking to the public square by speaking out politically with holiness and a spirit of evangelization. And we will not be silenced!

Clinton would appoint judges to the US Supreme Court who would allow unrestricted abortion on demand and partial birth elimination of children at taxpayer expense, all under the name of “health care.” She has no understanding of natural law or of the common good and would cruelly reduce the number of guests at the table of humanity.

Instead of a philosophy of self-giving love, Clinton advocates one of selfishness, in which the message is to hold back love for the weak and unborn.

Hillary Clinton would have an America without reference to natural law or morality, one closed to the Spirit and leaving no loophole or corner for spiritual freedom. It is imperative Roman Catholics and all Christians join together in support of Donald Trump.

Patrick J. Walsh is a writer from Quincy, Massachusett and a member of the Trump National Catholic Advisory Committee.