UPDATE: Wikileaks Claims Ecuador Cut Assange’s Internet After Releasing Goldman Speeches

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UPDATE: Ecuador cut off Julian Assange’s internet after Assange released Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches, Wikileaks claimed on Twitter Monday afternoon.

The organization first announced the activation of “appropriate contingency plans” in a tweet early Monday morning after Assange’s internet was reportedly cut off.

The announcement came hours after WikiLeaks published three cryptic tweets Sunday afternoon referencing Ecuador, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Each tweet was accompanied by a string of jumbled numbers and letters.

Assange is currently residing in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, England, where he has remained since seeking political asylum in June 2012. (RELATED: Leaked Emails Show Clinton Campaign Struggling Over Gay Marriage Position)

Kerry is currently in London as well for meetings with British, French and German foreign ministers regarding peace brokering attempts in Syria.

Earlier this month, Assange claimed he was going to make a major announcement regarding Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the balcony of the embassy, but canceled due to “security concerns.”

Over the last week and a half, WikiLeaks has steadily released thousands of emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s Gmail account.

WikiLeaks previously released hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee that showed party officials colluding against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. (RELATED: WikiLeaks Cancels Major Clinton Revelation Amid ‘Security Concerns’)

Critics of WikiLeaks say the organization is acting as a front for Russian hackers, a charge Assange has denied. U.S. intelligence officials believe Russian hackers have been the source of the hacks.

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