WIKILEAKS: Podesta Mocks Sanders As A ‘Doofus’

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta called Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders a “doofus” in an email of his that wound up on WikiLeaks as a result of a hack of his online communications.

According to an email with the subject header “Congratulations on Paris” started by Clinton 2008 campaign adviser and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden on December 13, 2015, Podesta took a shot at Sanders.

“I know it wouldn’t have happened w o the china deal. My children and their future children thank you,” Tanden wrote to Podesta in reference to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris where a climate change agreement among 195 nations had just taken place a day earlier.

Podesta replied, “Thanks Neera. Can you believe that doofus Bernie attacked it? Ben happy?”

Sanders, in fact, believed the climate agreement did not go far enough, The Hill reports.

“The planet is in crisis. We need bold action in the very near future and this does not provide that,” Sanders said in a statement at the time. According to reports, no emissions targets in the pact are internationally binding.

“In the United States we have a Republican Party which is much more interested in contributions from the fossil fuel industry than they care about the future of the planet. That is true all over the globe,” Sanders said.

Tanden forwarded her email with Podesta to her husband Ben Edwards and asked him, “What should I tell John?”

Edwards replies, “I am very happy because this is the best realistic result to come out of Paris. Now we can truly say that the Republicans are the only thing standing in the way of literally saving civilization. If they don’t cooperate then it is no longer hyperbole to say that they are truly enemies of the state, enemies of the world. I am so happy I can say to my kids, yeah, people have finally gotten around to doing the right thing. It’s not all corrupt. There is a chance. I’m not naive enough to think that this is the solution, but just a new beginning. Too late? Yes, should have happened years ago. But finally, a plan for real action.”

“I’m totally one hundred percent for Hillary because if any one of these bozos makes it to the White House, then we’ll have a revolution on our hands.”

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