DNC Chair Now Says The Podesta Emails Were ‘Doctored’

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Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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LAS VEGAS — Donna Brazile, the current chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, now says that the thousands of emails contained in the Podesta hack have been “doctored.”

Those emails, Brazile told reporters Wednesday night, “have been altered, have been, in many cases, readapted” by “Russian sources.”

After the third and final presidential debate, Brazile was being grilled in the “Spin Room” about giving Hillary Clinton a sneak preview of a debate question for a CNN/TV One town hall during the Democratic primary. Brazile was a CNN contributor at the time.

Her assist to Hillary was revealed in one of those now-public Podesta emails.

Asked Wednesday whether Americans should be concerned about the many revelations contained within the Podesta emails — released by WikiLeaks — Brazile insisted that the files were “doctored.”

“I believe that they should take those doctored files with a grain of salt,” she said, “because of the way in which they were stolen and the way they were put on the internet.”

Despite that claim, Brazile says she hasn’t “opened up any” of the emails.

“I have not opened up any. I will not open up files — what I like to refer to — files that have been postmarked from Russian sources. I don’t believe that we as Americans should allow this type of espionage to occur.”