EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Film Tells The Powerful Story Of Columbine Victim’s Christian Faith

(Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube I'm Not Ashamed)

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A new film called “I’m Not Ashamed” tells the powerful story of Rachel Joy Scott, a Christian girl who was killed in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999 for her faith in Jesus Christ.

Scott was the first student to be shot in the horrific high school attack. “I’m Not Ashamed,” focuses specifically on Scott and delivers an inspiring story behind a kind-hearted girl whose life was cut short. The film is based upon her personal journals.

An exclusive clip given to The Daily Caller offers a glimpse into Scott’s life and just one of the many people she touched before she was murdered for her faith in Jesus.

“I’m Not Afraid” hits theaters Friday October 21. See here if it’s playing at a theater near you.