Go To Hell, Republicans

Paul H. Yarbrough Freelance Writer
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Go to hell Republicans. The Democrats have been there for a bit. Join the despicable donkeys in the eternal sweat box. You belong with them. You and your spurious sputum filled with your glorious phraseology about the greatest system ever devised by the mind of man when what you really mean is the two-party system (not a Founder favorite).

The other day a Republican campaign site was fire bombed in North Carolina. Fortunately, no one was hurt. As of right now it is uncertain who was responsible: Democrats, Republicans (an old Gestapo trick) or just some screwball (plenty around). People like me are shocked for two reasons: 1. Somebody could be seriously injured 2. It is destruction of somebody else’s property. There are other people who are shocked for different reasons. The typical one is the one from Governor Pat McCrory, “Clearly (it) was an attack on Democracy.” Well, golly gee! What in the double damnation did he or any other political factotum expect? Yet another bureaucrat issued the typical, “This doesn’t happen in democracies.”

Nonsense. This is what will always happens in democracies. We do not live in, and allow ourselves to be governed through a union of local and sovereign governments with definite laws. We have devolved (no, not evolved) through a variety of measures and forces into a mass of 300 million people (probably half accepted as voters) whereby Aristotle warned such would degenerate to an ochlocracy — mob rule.

The mob always grabs the rope, the torch; so why is anyone shocked when one side is bombed or burned. With the laws constantly sculpted (since they are not defined) by a handful of “jurists” who is to say that burning or bombing won’t be declared a right.  Don’t laugh. Twenty years ago who would have dared to expect that jurists would agree that two of the same sex can join as one. And I predict that one day in the future if the entire state has not been burned and fallen into rubble these same malevolent men (and women) in their splendid robes will declare a breeding right to same-sex partners and medical research budgets will require a certain portion to develop some Frankenstein type way in which they can repopulate (praise the judge!)

But even if somehow a true federal system could be reestablished the problem still exists of the pernicious right to vote. Such a diabolical concept never was mentioned in the Bill of Rights, the saving grace that probably salvaged the new Constitution for 100% ratification. And though I have never read every word of the Federalist Papers nor The Anti-Federalists papers, whether either mentions such a right, they did it through the most clever of subtleties.

We wonder why there are political fire bombings when felons are allowed to vote; when high school and college students who can’t even control their tattoo habit are allowed to vote; when typical voters on the street aren’t sure if the first president was George Washington or Yogi Berra.

There is an old story told many times about a lady who supposedly asked Benjamin Franklin what the Founders has given the people. Supposedly Franklin said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  Patrick Henry didn’t go to the convention but had he and he had been asked by the same lady, my guess at his reply would go along these lines: “Shucks, I still smell a rat.”