Hillary Clinton Deleted Emails With Her Email Server Technician

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton deleted several emails she exchanged with Bryan Pagliano, the former Clinton campaign official who managed her private email system while at the State Department.

Judicial Watch, which released the emails on Wednesday, say that they undermine Clinton’s recent claims, made under oath, that she did not recall communicating with Pagliano about her emails.

The emails are part of a trove of 30,000-plus emails that Clinton and her team failed to turn over to the State Department in Dec. 2014. They claimed that the records were personal in nature and not work-related.

The documents were recovered by the FBI during its investigation of Clinton and her private email server.

Clinton sent one email to Pagliano on March 18, 2012 concerning problems she was having with her personal BlackBerry, which was hooked up to the private email server.

“Once again, I’m having BB trouble,” she wrote to Pagliano and Justin Cooper, a Bill Clinton aide who helped Pagliano set up the private email system.

“I am not receiving emails although people are getting ones I send but I get their replies on my IP. I’ve taken out the battery and done what I know to do but with no luck yet any ideas?”

“Let me take a look at the server to see if it offers any insight,” Pagliano wrote back. “iPhone is not much different from iPad, however in both cases the security landscape is different from the blackberry.”

Clinton responded after the problem was fixing, thanking Pagliano for his work.

Clinton also corresponded with Pagliano on Sept. 2, 2011, the emails show.

The technician sent her an email testing whether her BlackBerry worked. That was several days after Clinton experienced problems with her email server because of Hurricane Irene.

Judicial Watch said that the emails show that Clinton was “less than forthright” about her communications with Pagliano in a deposition she submitted under oath earlier this month.

In the deposition, Clinton stated that she “does not recall having communications with Bryan Pagliano concerning or relating to the management, preservation, deletion, or destruction of any e-mails in her clintonemail.com email account.”

Though the sworn statement leaves Clinton wiggle-room to argue that she does not recall communicating with Pagliano specifically about her emails rather than the BlackBerry she used for emailing, Judicial Watch maintains that she misled the public.

“These new emails leave little doubt that Hillary Clinton was less than forthright and misled the public when she wrote, under oath, that she ‘couldn’t recall’ communicating with Bryan Pagliano about her email scheme,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

“No wonder Clinton and her agents deleted these emails time and time again. And these smoking gun emails would never have seen the light of day but for Judicial Watch’s federal lawsuits.”

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