Trump Needs To Hit Clinton Where it Hurts in Final Debate: The Reality

Michael McGrady Director of McGrady Policy Research
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By little or no account, the WikiLeaks dump of hacked emails from the Clinton camp has all but exposed the possibility that the Clinton campaign has committed campaign and election law violations by coordinating with outside Super PACs. Trump also needs to throw punches at a series of Clinton’s role of secretary of state, per usual strategy, and should voice concerns about her policy proposals

Beside their own campaign embarrassments, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have bound back from a series trying “campaign killers” that have ultimately fueled the fire on both sides and has made the 2016 election the dirtiest in modern history.

Going into the third debate, Clinton dodged indictment from the now political FBI for violating several dozens of federal statute and Trump “grab them by the p*ssy” comments and alleged lewd acts with women provide ripe pickings for the candidates for the highest office in the land.

However, in order for Trump to win the title of “president-elect” – and then “president” – he needs to show a strong and forceful presence that puts Hillary Clinton and her record “on trial.” Nevertheless, while Trump needs to stick to his forceful persona, he also needs to be on board with the fact that he needs to be presidential.

Hitting where it hurts

Clinton, even though her favorability is higher than Trump’s, still marks in the negative digits. This being, the advantage to Trump comes to the exposed truths of Clinton’s campaign operation, thanks to the lovely Julian Assange and the generous work from Project Veritas.

In brief, Trump needs to go head-to-head with Clinton on the exposed truth of illegal coordination and paid of mercenaries to incite violence at protests. And you can count on these claims being excused by Clinton and Democrat political operators as non-threatening.

Regardless, there is on-camera proof that a network of progressive groups are responsible for inciting violence at many Trump rallies and other lubricious acts just to push the narrative that supporters for the real estate mogul are violent. James O’Keefe, the head of Project Veritas, also made it clear that certain Clinton super PACs and these groups are tied at the hip, illegally.

If Trump doesn’t jump on opposition research as good as this, he will just be doing a disservice to himself and his support base.

Things to remember

The third and final debate comes to UNLV at a time when people have ultimately made up their mind on who will be their vote for president. Many states also have absentee voting which has allowed several million people to already cast their choice for office.

Hurricane Matthew has also threatened voter turnout in the South east with many states extending voter registration past their respective statutory deadlines.
This final debate will be Trump’s last chance to take on Clinton face-to-face and we can, obviously, expected this debate to be the darkest, crudest show of public political discourse ever. Then, it will be up to the voters.