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Guess Who Blessed Donald Trump After The Debate

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Here’s a guy you don’t want blessing you before, during or after a presidential debate: David Duke.

But Donald Trump didn’t have a choice. Duke, a known white supremacist, former KKK leader and U.S. Senate candidate, was full of religious praise Wednesday night. Oh, and rage and hate.

But first, let’s have the blessing.


Earlier in his campaign, Trump dragged his feet on disavowing Duke’s endorsement of his candidacy.

He ultimately disavowed it, but meekly.

Duke, meanwhile, called Hillary Clinton “blood thirsty” and “evil.”

“Hillary is blood thirsty – there’s nothing she and her handlers fear more than healthy and happy families- we are dealing with a sick woman,” he wrote.

And this: “How can someone running for the presidency support late term abortions? Hillary is pure evil, bottom line!”

Please note…This is the Twitter account posted on Duke’s Senate campaign website, so no, it is not parody account or The Onion.