Obama: It’s Millennials’ Fault That Obamacare Sucks [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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President Barack Obama gave a speech in Miami on Thursday, during which he blamed “young people” for the pitfalls of the Affordable Care Act.


“In those states where the governor and the legislature are hostile to the ACA, it makes it harder to enroll people because the state is not actively participating in outreach,” Obama explained. “As a consequence, in those states, enrollment — especially enrollment of young people — has lagged.”

“What that means is the insurance pool is smaller and gets a higher percentage of older and sicker people who are signing up because if you’re sick or you’re old, you’re more likely to sign up no matter what because I know I’ll going to need it,” POTUS continued. “If you’re young and healthy like you guys, you say, ‘ehhh, I’m fine. Life’s good.'”

“So you’ve got more older and sicker people signing up. Fewer younger and healthy people signing up, and that drives rates up.”

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