Tim Kaine Shakes In His Boots Talking About What Trump Will Do If He Loses The Election [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Tim Kaine told CBS’ Charlie Rose on Thursday that he is concerned Donald Trump will pull down “one of the central pillars of our democracy” if he loses the election in November.


“What’s your response to Trump’s notion that he may not respect election results,” Rose posed. “If he doesn’t, what happens?”

“Well Charlie, that was the big shocker of the evening,” Hillary Clinton’s running mate responded. “There were others, but you know, I lived in Honduras as a missionary 35 years ago and it was a military dictatorship, and I certainly learned there that one of the central pillars of our democracy is people accepting the outcome of elections and the peaceful transfer of power, and that Donald Trump would try to pull that pillar down after a campaign where he has insulted everybody else and now he’s gonna insult a very central premise of our democracy, was a huge shocker.”

“I don’t exactly know what it means, but it definitely means this — everybody should turn out and vote. Early voting starts in North Carolina today, let’s send the biggest mandate we can so that his whines after the election do not attract any followers.”

“I think Hillary may have gotten at something which is he doesn’t take responsibility for stuff,” he continued. “So if something doesn’t go his way, he’s not gonna say, I guess I should’ve ran a better campaign, I guess I shouldn’t have been so decisive. He’s gonna blame it on somebody else and Hillary used the example of him not winning the Emmy, and he couldn’t resist jumping back in and said, ‘I should’ve won the Emmy that year.’ He just doesn’t know how to take responsibility.”

“Al Gore contested election results so, does he not have a point in some way to say, let’s see what happens and I’ll make a judgment?” Rose asked in response.

Kaine answered that “if all he had said during the entire last two weeks is of course we’re gonna see what happens on election day, this wouldn’t be a controversy, but he’s going around again and again perpetrating a lie that the election is rigged. He’s saying that over and over and over again because he knows that he’s losing and it’s insulting to voters to look him in the face and say, ‘you guys don’t know how to conduct an election.’

“To look at a country and state election officials, and say ‘you don’t know how to conduct an election,’ we do know how to conduct elections, we do it and that’s why his comment last night was so shocking.”

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