Avowed Abortionist Finally Tells It Like It Is, In One Blistering Quote

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In an unusually frank description of the reality of abortion, UK abortionist Ann Furedi concedes it is an act of killing a life in her new book, “The Moral Case for Abortion.”

Furedi has overseen tens of thousands of abortions in the UK as chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, an abortion organization carrying out 1 in 3 abortions in England and Wales. Rather than argue a fetus is not a human life as many pro-choice activists do, she embraces the act of killing and urges other abortion supporters to do the same.

“Well, it would be far more diplomatic to say ‘end the life of’ rather than ‘kills’,” she writes in her book. “But I don’t think it helps to obfuscate or be mealy-mouthed. That creates the impression that you want to draw a veil over what happens. You have to be prepared to be quite blunt. It’s not for shock value.”

“Some people honestly believe that the women we treat, and the staff who work in the clinics, are in denial or ignorance and that therefore if only we understood what we were doing, we would stop,” she continues. “But any woman who goes into an abortion clinic knows what she is doing. She is not being conned into doing this. We have no interest in trying to hide the reality.”

Furedi justifies what she admits is an act that ends a life by arguing it does not end a human life. She defines a human life as an independent being who is known and knows others as distinct from itself.

“The end of a life in the womb does not compare with infanticide, euthanasia or any other taking of human life,” she writes. “Abortion does not assault an individual that is living a biologically independent existence of its own. Whatever the foetus [sic] experiences, it is not human life as we know it, with its joys and sorrows, fears, hopes and expectations. It knows nothing of itself, nor of others. And others know nothing of it.”

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