Sony’s Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Only $21 Right Now, So That’s Something To Be Happy About

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Today is Monday, which means the weekend is over. Even worse, this past weekend ended on a low note for anyone masochistic enough to sit through that brutal Seahawks-Cardinals game last night.

Well, if you are looking for something to be happy about after a disappointing Sunday, here is some good news: Sony’s version of noise-cancelling headphones are currently 58 percent off.

These noise-cancelling headphones are $29 off (Photo via Walmart)

Sony MDRZX110NC ZX-Series Noise-Cancelling Headphones on sale for $20.88

Here is the product description:

Enjoy your music on the go with these Sony MDRZX110NC ZX-Series Noise-Cancelling Headphones.They provide a remarkable, up to 95 percent noise-free, audio experience. These noise-cancelling on-ear headphones feature pressure-relieving cushions that provide long-term comfort. The swiveling earcups can also be folded compactly for easy portability. They have 30mm drivers for a full-range sound with powerful bass and clear treble. These headphones offer 80 hours of playback with one AAA battery.

A look at the customer reviews reveals an overwhelming sentiment about these headphones: they are a tremendous value for the small price of $50, considering how expensive models by companies like Bose go for. On sale for $21, that makes them over twice as valuable. It’s time to pounce.

WATCH The Sony MDRZX110NC Reviewed:

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