The Liberal Establishment Has Disgraced America

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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Hillary Clinton shocked America during the third presidential debate with claims that her opponent Donald Trump is an agent for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Given the increasingly hostile anti-Russian rhetoric coming from the Obama White House, the establishment media and Clinton herself, this is a particularly alarming accusation.

To have a presidential nominee accuse her opponent of treason during a presidential debate was deeply disturbing. Around the world people have been shocked.

What is even more shocking for most Americans, however, is the evidence released by WikiLeaks recently which shows that it is Clinton, not Trump, who has received money and support from foreign powers. Countries such as Qatar and Morocco have donated millions of dollars to Clinton’s personal charity.

Aside from the obvious ethical and legal issues this raises, it is also concerning given that these nations have a stake in the outcome of the war in Syria. Clinton has been vocal in her support for military involvement in Syria, operations which she acknowledged during a private speech to Wall Street executives will mean ‘killing a lot of Syrians’.

The conflict in Syria which Hillary so strongly supports is also bringing America closer to war with Russia than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The leaked Democratic Party emails, speeches and videos which Americans are now finding out about are revealing immorality at the highest levels of the liberal establishment. Americans are justifiably outraged. We are now coming face to face with the realization that much of our governing elite is thoroughly rotten.

Establishment liberals have been calling white Americans evil for decades. To them, we are racist, sexist bigots. We are deplorables. They are liars. Americans are among the most decent people on the planet. As we are now seeing, it is the liberal elite of America which is deeply and hopelessly corrupt.

This is the same liberal establishment which tells our children endlessly that their ancestors were cruel slavers, greedy imperialists and tyrannical husbands. White Americans hear a distorted and twisted version of history from liberals in their schools, lecture halls, films and news media.

Our children are never told that it was Christian Britain which ended the Atlantic slave trade and that whites died in the Civil War to end slavery in America. They are never told that European imperialists brought modern technology, universal education and the rule of law to those they governed, and left the countries they ruled far better off than when they arrived. Our children never hear that Western women have the strongest rights and highest standards of living of any women on the planet.

Instead the liberal establishment fills our children’s heads with anti-American propaganda constantly. The effect of this is to convince many everyday Americans that they are to be ashamed and apologetic, and need redemption by accepting the views and submitting to the authority of their liberal moral superiors.

This phony moralism of the liberal establishment has always been a sham. Pretending to fight for black Americans while using them to gain power, Democrats have destroyed black families and ruined black communities in the cities they have governed for decades. Welfare, cronyism and the cultivation of a victim mentality have ravaged black neighborhoods. The anger we are seeing in black cities is the result. Many black Americans are now realizing that their Democrat rulers have not been at all concerned with representing their interests and will be voting Republican for the first time in their lives at this election.

Liberals have been able to get away with this pretend show of moral superiority due to the good nature of everyday Americans of all races. Just as Hillary’s mentor Saul Alinsky taught the New Left radicals back in the 60’s, liberals use the high moral standards of Christian Americans against us. By aggravating wrongs and cultivating guilt, liberals have been able to pit the races and genders against each other. The division we see in America today is a direct result of these tactics.

It is now time for everyday Americans to reject these hateful and divisive narratives and remember who we are. America has been considered great by people around the world not because of our military might or economic dominance, but because of our moral leadership. This is what Hillary and the liberal establishment have betrayed.

It has been our Christian roots, not these weeds of phony liberal self-righteousness, which made America the moral leader of the world.

By any metric, Americans are decent and good people. The Christian charity, honesty and fair dealing which is considered normal in America is considered exceptional in most other parts of the world. Americans are acknowledged around the world for our concern for strangers, treatment of animals and care for nature.

In most countries around the world the people are completely cynical about their rulers. They have no faith in their governments because they know that the society is not just, that the rule of law only applies to some and that the privileged in those countries can do as they please.

The liberal establishment in America has been able to get away with their scandalous conduct because Americans have been too trusting. It is this betrayal of trust which is fueling Americans’ outrage.

The millions of silent supporters of America in repressive countries around the world have been hearing the recent revelations with dismay. These people have been betrayed by a cynical and immoral liberal establishment in America. The damage to America’s standing may be irreversible. In the long run, this may be the most tragic consequence of all both for Americans and for those who love her around the world.