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Afternoon Mirror: Daily Beast Editor Has Back Pain

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“‘Ugh my back is killing me’ is a real thing I said out loud. I am 80.”

Justin Miller, senior editor, The Daily Beast.



Breitbart News reporter: Trump’s really a great guy

“The fact is, Donald Trump should not lose this election due to his personality. As a reporter, I can state: the man is a straight-up G. He’s a cool person, he’s funny, he sets a good example for young people by highlighting success and winning.
In the times I’ve talked to him, dating back a few years now, he’s been a class act. I’ve seen him with his family, and he is a consummate gentleman. He is gregarious and friendly and genuinely interested in the people that he talks to.
If we had more Donald Trumps, this country would be a better place. Fact.” — Patrick Howley.

Journo: Reporters having dinner with sources isn’t that weird 

“There appears to be a lot of confusion about what reporters *do* for a living. Having dinner with potential sources is **part of the job**” — Byron Tau, WSJ.

Breitbart News threatens Politico reporter with hit piece

“FYI Breitbart is threatening to write a hit piece on me and my reporting so that should be fun.” — Politico‘s Hadas Gold. Read her story here.

On another Howley note… “When you’ve met so many bad, nasty, vicious, dishonest, corrupt, paid-off, catty, back-stabbing bad people, as I have in Washington DC, it makes it harder to trust the human race.”

FNC’s Sean Hannity hints at an ugly fight in conservative media 

“Hannity hints on radio about looming war in conservative media: ‘We are going to have a fight. It’s going to be ugly.'” — Oliver Darcy, Business Insider.

In other Howley news… “I dropped the F-bomb on national radio tonight, but I’m told that they caught it on my all-time favorite invention: Seven-Second Delay. To Seven-Second Delay! Fuck yeah!!!!!”

Roseanne Barr falls for phony angry Tim Kaine phone call to daughter 

Adams works for The Washington Examiner. 



Eavesdrop Cafe: Woman throws a fit in a Starbucks 

“Ever seen a sorority girl throw a fit at Starbucks because the barista added 2% milk to her Pumpkin Spice Latte instead of 1%?” — Stephen Gutowski, Washington Free Beacon.

Ana Marie Cox refuses to “practice” access journalism 

“I think I am doomed to never be able to practice access journalism. You’ll find @dceiver and me sitting in the corner, playing with matches.” — MTV’s Ana Marie Cox.

Reporter goes to farmer’s market and THIS happens

“I’m the guy who goes to the farmers’ market and walks away with nothing but an oversized cookie.” — Jason Roeder, senior writer, editor of The Onion.

Journo disses reporters who do THIS at Trump rallies 

“I get very little value from the reporters who grab the craziest most racist dude at a Trump rally and transcribe his remarks.” — Jonathan Swan, The Hill.