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Breitbart.com Worked With Lib Activist From O’Keefe Video To Disrupt GOP Primary Events

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Goose, meet gander.

Last week, Democrats were sent reeling by the latest undercover video from James O’Keefe:

“Bird dogging.” Sending people to political rallies specifically to incite violence for the cameras. Basically, Bumfights for political purposes on the national stage.

Take note of one of the names in that video. As Alex Pfeiffer reported last week:

Two of Creamer’s underlings in the video, Zulema Rodriguez and Aaron Black take credit for organizing the March Chicago protest which made Trump cancel his rally and left police officers injured.

Aaron Black, AKA Aaron Minter, is in the news again. But this time you might not like it.

Hadas Gold, Politico:

A liberal activist and organizer coordinated with reporters from the conservative news site Breitbart during the primaries to cover his disruptions of events for candidates such as Sen. Marco Rubio.

Aaron Black, an associate with Democracy Partners and a former Occupy Wall Street organizer, worked with the pro-Trump site Breitbart, tipping it off about his stunts, exchanging raw video and coordinating coverage, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation…

According to the source, Black coordinated with Breitbart via email, phone and in person, including when he dressed up as a robot and trolled Marco Rubio’s events. The relationship was described as very friendly.

I’d forgotten about the “Rubiobot,” but I should’ve known it wasn’t just a spontaneous reaction to Rubio’s debate gaffe:

In retrospect, it seems obvious that this sort of nonsense was manufactured. But I never would’ve imagined that Breitbart.com would work with a leftist agitator to disrupt GOP campaign events. They wanted Trump to get the nomination, and they were willing to do anything to get there.

I don’t like this crap, no matter who’s doing it or why. It’s sleazy and underhanded and dishonest. The guys who deliberately spur violence at these rallies may try to assuage their consciences by paying for medical and legal bills. They may tell themselves that ethics and morals go out the window when you’re trying to win. They may console themselves with all the money they’re making by preying on the fears and anger of honest people. But they’re still disgusting pieces of garbage.

No matter which candidate they’re pushing.

I didn’t know Andrew Breitbart that well, but I admired what he did. I’d like to think he wouldn’t approve of what’s being done in his name, but there’s no way of knowing. Mostly, I just feel sad that people I thought I knew could be capable of doing things like this. They’ve sold their souls to a candidate who’s going to lose anyway. Even worse, he’s the one GOP candidate who was guaranteed to lose.

You wanted to burn it all down? Congratulations. Enjoy the taste of those ashes.