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Is This The World’s First Pro-Bullying PSA?

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If you’re a U.S. citizen and you have the right to vote, then you should try to make the best-informed decision you can. If you decide not to vote at all, you should be bullied about it by schoolchildren.

I think that’s what this PSA is saying, at least. If not, I have no idea what they’re getting at:

That PSA is from an organization called Civic Innovation Works, which I assume is run by liberals. Not because it’s smug and stupid, obviously created by people who never talk to people who disagree with them — that phenomenon is universal and nonpartisan — but because they’re based in Brooklyn.

I honestly don’t think the Democrats have anything to worry about this year, but if they did, this approach would be self-defeating. Lefties make a lot of noise about the evils of bullying, but they sure don’t mind indulging in it when it can get them what they want. At least that lil’ fella didn’t end up getting a wedgie and then stuffed into his locker.

It’s almost as if libs don’t really have any core beliefs. It’s almost as if they’re stuck at the same emotional age as the kids they hired for that ad.


(Hat tip: David Rutz)

P.S. Like I said…