Michael Moore: Here’s Why Trump Will Win The Election [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Michael Moore thinks Donald Trump will win the 2016 election.

In Trumpland, Moore’s latest documentary, the Oscar-winner explains that Trump’s supporters aren’t really the racists and bigots Hillary Clinton’s campaign portrays them as.

Instead, his supporters — like autoworkers in Ohio who have seen their jobs sent to Mexico — are made up of Americans whose lives have been destroyed by the ruling elites in America.


“Whether Trump means [what he says] or not is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting,” he explained. “It’s why every beaten down, worthless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class loves Trump.”

Trump represents the “human molotov cocktail that they’ve been waiting for,” he continued. “The human hand grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them.”

“They’ve lost their jobs, although they’ve been foreclosed on by the bank, next came the divorce, the kids are gone, the car has been repo’ed. They haven’t had a real vacation in years. They’re stuck with the shitty Obamacare Bronze Plan, and they can’t even get a fucking Percocet.”

Moore argued that those people still have one thing, “and it doesn’t cost them a cent, and is guaranteed to them by the American Constitution: the right to vote.”

“On November 8, the dispossessed will walk into that voting booth… and put a big fucking X right next to the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives. Donald J. Trump,” he explained. “They see that the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump, corporate America hates Trump, Wall Street hates Trump, the career politicians hate Trump, the media hates Trump.”

“The enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for… Trump’s election is going to be the biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history, and it will feel good.”

Trumpland originated as a one-man show Moore performed on October 7 at the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio. It premiered at the IFC Center in New York City on October 18, 2016.

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