O’Reilly Tears Into WashPo’s Jennifer Rubin For Five Straight Minutes [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Things got heated during Jennifer Rubin’s Monday night interview on “The O’Reilly Factor.”


Host Bill O’Reilly brought Rubin — whom he called “entirely wrong” — on the show so he could ask her about a recent claim she made in her Washington Post column about him and fellow Fox host Sean Hannity.

“Well, my criticism is that you actually are in the spin zone,” Rubin said of O’Reilly’s interviews with Donald Trump. “It’s presented as a news program or a pseudo-news program, and instead it’s a lot of parroting of what Trump says to you.”

“What you’re doing is taking up the argument of the candidate rather than acting as an independent person,” she added.

O’Reilly didn’t like that.


Rubin stated that O’Reilly defended the “lock her up” chant that often breaks out Trump rallies in both “April and August.”

“Wait, what exactly did I say?” O’Reilly fired back.

Rubin responded with her own question — “Which one in particular?” — to which O’Reilly answered “April or August.”

“Well, um, Ok. In August, uh, let’s see we had comments that you said, ‘if somebody is being really dishonest’ — in reference to the press corps, you’d strip them of their credentials as well,” Rubin said apparently about nothing. “That doesn’t really sound like an independent thing.”

“That has nothing to do with ‘lock her up,'” O’Reilly flatly stated. “You are ill prepared for this interview… I have just given you a minute where you have hemmed and hawed. You said I justified a comment, ‘lock her up,’ you can’t point to it, and then you say something else. You are ill prepared.”

“This is the point I want to make. Your column and blog are a fraud.”

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