Yahoo News Reporter Gushes Over Podesta Twitter War With Drudge

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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The latest Wikileaks email dump reveals Yahoo News reporter Hunter Walker gushing over a tweet Clinton campaign manager John Podesta directed at conservative news aggregator Matt Drudge.

Previously leaked emails revealed Walker, who was writing for Business Insider when he emailed Podesta, was labeled a “friendly” reporter by the Clinton campaign.

On May 29, 2015, Walker — who previously wrote for left-wing website Talking Points Memo — sent Podesta an email with the subject line, “Loved your tweet to Drudge!”

Drudge had made the lead of his website a picture of Podesta wearing a pantsuit t-shirt. Drudge captioned the photo in his typical all-caps style, “PODESTA IN DRAG FOR HILLARY?”


Podesta fired back at Drudge on Twitter. “Matt, pantsuit T looks great with a hat,” Podesta tweeted with a link to the Clinton campaign store.

Walker was tickled by Podesta’s response.

“Hi John, This is Hunter Walker from Business Insider. We spoke briefly on the phone a while back,” he wrote to Podesta. “Would love to do a post on this. Will you be mailing him a shirt?”

“Also, what’s a guy got to do to get invited to some briefings?” Walker continued.

“No free loaders here. Drudge will have to buy his own,” Podesta replied. “Re the latter, make friends with [campaign press secretary] Brian Fallon.”

Walker is the same reporter who was publicly shamed in May after asking Donald Trump about the dead gorilla, Harambe.

“I just asked Trump about Harambe the gorilla. He clearly thought about this issue extensively. Says zoo likely made right choice,” Walker tweeted. He has since deleted the tweet.