Did Hillary Clinton Choose Her Election Night HQ To Troll Trump?

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

Hillary Clinton just trolled Donald Trump — and she might not even know it.

On Wednesday, Politico reported that Clinton will hold her election night festivities at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. If Clinton is elected the next president on Nov. 8, this is where she will give her victory speech.

As the Clinton campaign may or may not be aware, Trump unsuccessfully pushed in the 1970s the get the Javits Center named after his father Fred by using some of his famous “truthful hyperbole” with city officials. New York magazine explained the sequence of events earlier this year:

Trump began pushing to develop Penn Central’s rail yards on the Hudson River at 34th Street, where he wanted to build his convention center, and the Commodore Hotel, a rundown turn-of-the-century property that the company owned near Grand Central Terminal. But he ran into opposition both from city elders, like Bob Tisch, and political bosses who favored other convention-center sites. Eventually, however, the city decided to build the center on Trump’s parcel — without Trump. The brash young developer made himself into an obstacle, claiming his contract with Penn Central entitled him to a $4.4 million commission if the land was sold to the city. He magnanimously offered to forgo the fee if the convention center were named for Fred Trump. When city officials finally examined the contract, however, they discovered the younger Trump had exaggerated: the amount he was entitled to was more like $500,000. The center was built without Trump and named for Senator Jacob Javits.

A request for comment from a Clinton campaign spokesman as to whether the choice of the Javits Center was intended as a troll of Trump was not immediately returned. The Trump campaign also did not return a request for comment.

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