Giuliani Uses MSNBC Host As A Punching Bag — ‘If You Think That’s Ethical, You Should Find A New Job’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Rudy Giuliani’s Wednesday morning interview on MSNBC ended with him using host Stephanie Ruhle as a verbal punching bag.

The former New York City mayor hit his stride when pointing to how biased the media is against Donald Trump.

“Your station has its own point of view,” he told Ruhle. “Do you want me to tell you what that is?”

“Your station is completely left wing and totally anti-Trump and totally anti-Republican with one or two exceptions,” Giuliani stated. “I’m one of the few Republicans that will come on here because we don’t think we get anywhere near fair treatment on this station.”

“Do you think I’ve treated you fairly in the last ten minutes?” Ruhle asked Trump’s attack dog.

“I said there are exceptions,” Giuliani responded. “You gave me a chance to answer the questions. I appreciate that, but you have some people on this station that are flying off the wall.”

“You don’t think there are some people who are flying off the wall over at Fox News?” Ruhle countered.

“Well, not as bad as this,” Giuliani conceded. “Not as bad as this.”

Later in the interview, Ruhle began to state that the media can “absolutely judge someone by the company they keep,” before Giuliani pointed to Clinton’s endorsement from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

[dcquiz] “What the heck is she doing with Terry McAuliffe?” he shot back at the MSNBC host. “He goes ahead and raises $650 million for the wife of the FBI agent who happens to be in charge of his case and then he gets the guy promoted to number three or two.”

“That agent oversaw the Hillary Clinton investigation,” he added. “So what is she doing hanging around with Terry McAuliffe?”

“There is no way in a million years that it is ethical, to have a guy overseeing my investigation and you give $650,000 to my wife for her campaign,” Giuliani emphatically stated. “If you find that ethical, you should go get another job.”

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