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Afternoon Mirror: Mark Halperin Officially Becomes A ‘Lapdog’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Vine is stupid and I’m glad it’s dying.”

Sonny Bunch, Executive Editor, Washington Free Beacon.



Breitbart reporter seeks activists for surreptitious side work 

“Anybody know any progressive Occupy-type activists looking for a little quick work? If so, please meet me at Georgetown Harbor after sundown. There will be a bag and supplies waiting for you. If anyone asks, my name is Raul and you never got a last name. Thanks!” — Patrick Howley.

(Is Howley ridiculing Hadas Gold‘s Politico piece? You decide.)

Trump’s rally music turns to Broadway 

“Les Miserable soundtrack now playing at Trump rally. ‘Do you hear the people sing!'” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

Post Megyn Kelly fight, Newt Gingrich won’t take press questions

“Just asked Newt Gingrich what his feelings were on Harambe. He walked away.” — IJR‘s Benny Johnson.

A woman working for Trump walks into a bar…

“Nothing like having the bartender randomly ask you ‘why you canceled on Chuck Todd today?” #WeirdLife. Much love to Chuck, FYI.” — A.J. Delgado, aide to Donald Trump.

Ex-Politico‘s Jim VandeHei sees the value in snark 

“’To me, sticking to facts and smart, fact-based analysis is the safe, smart place to be, he said via email. ‘But snark seems to be winning — decisively.'” — Jim VandeHei, founder of an undisclosed media startup, in a story by WaPo‘s Paul Farhi on journalists who openly insult Trump on Twitter.

Politico reporter featured in Farhi’s story wasn’t pleased about it

“It’s almost like an arbitrary limit to one week offers an unfair and biased view. Somewhat ironic. And noticed you exempted WP journalists” — Ben White, Politico.

Journalist stuck at home because of rain and shitty footwear 

“Promise not to laugh? I am literally stuck at my house because it’s raining and all of my shoes have holes in them. Every. Single. Pair.” — Bill McMorris, Washington Free Beacon.

CNN’s Dylan Byers comes down hard on Farhi’s story 

So this @FarhiP piece implying journalists show anti-Trump bias on Twitter is poorly executed for the following reasons:

The majority of the examples are just clever assessments on what by standards of American politics is an incompetently run campaign.

The tweets don’t show partisan bias so much as a well-informed understanding of Trump’s campaign failures or examples of perfidy.

Reason these reporters don’t tweet about Clinton running an incompetent campaign is b/c she’s not running an incompetent campaign.

Finally, it might of been advisable for @farhip to at least note examples from some of his own colleagues, as well.

And directly to Farhi: “I didn’t say the topic wasn’t worthy of exploration. I said it was poorly executed. Just my assessment.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz gets crap for changing his mind about Trump 

“Jason Chaffetz’s courageous stand against Trump lasted 19 days.” — BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins.

WikiLeaks strikes fear in Washington elites 

“There’s a new morning routine for DC elites: Wake up, check for your name in WikiLeaks, wince.” — CNN Politics. See the story by Tal Kopan.

Vice columnist mocks wimpy reporters at Trump rallies 



Bloomberg Politics‘ Mark Halperin is officially labeled a Trump lapdog 

The Daily Beast blasted him with this story.

Halperin is totally ignoring the ridicule.