This Scientist Says Feminism Is ‘Incompatible With Science’

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Modern feminism isn’t compatible with science, a biologist wrote on a science blog Wednesday.

Dr. Alex Berezow, a biomedical scientist with a doctorate in microbiology writing on the blog of the American Council on Science and Health, found that much of mainstream feminist theory directly conflicts with modern biology, as it is inherently built on ideas which cannot be proven or refuted.

“Ideology is a double-edged sword. Dedication to a set of beliefs can be admirable, but when it leads to inflexibility and obstinance in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it is a dangerous thing,” Berezow said. “[F]eminism has been built upon ideas that can neither be proven nor refuted, precisely the sort of evidence-free groupthink that typifies unscientific thinking.”

Berezow noted that many feminists “deny the prominent role of biology in our lives” allowing instead for the promotion of ideas that are “dangerous nonsense” on college campuses, which should be unbiased sources of truth.

“Unfortunately, feminist ideology has already undermined academic freedom,” Berezow continues. “Despite such well documented biological and psychological differences between men and women, some scientists have admitted being afraid to talk about them out of fear of being labeled ‘sexist.'”

Feminist ideology has greatly infiltrated science according to Berezow, leading to serious problems and wasting research funding. An academic at the University of Oregon received over $700,000 dollars in government grants to conclude that glaciers are deeply sexist. When challenged on this, the academic stated that the taxpaying public simply was too ignorant to comprehend his research into sexist glaciers

Feminists have also been quick to adopt the language of science to promote their favored policies.

Media outlets and environmentalists are increasingly framing that global warming is a “women’s issue” and stating the world needs “eco-feminism” as a path forward. Ecofeminists believe women and nature are bonded by traditionally “feminine” values, and their shared history of oppression by a patriarchal Western society. This patriarchal society is built on four intersectional pillars of sexism, racism, class exploitation and environmental destruction.

Feminists worry that decision makes have a long history of portraying women, “only as victims of climate change who must learn to adapt, rather than potential leaders and decision-makers,” as well as worrying that global warming could increase the risk of sexual assault.

So called “ecofeminists” even have attempted to brand global warming as a “women’s issue” by designating December 8 designated as “gender day” at the United Nations COP 21 Paris global warming summit. Predictably, the ecofeminists weren’t happy with the agreement.

Environmentalist websites have already created a list of demands, including a “gender-responsive approach,” to global warming and banning nuclear power (which creates no carbon dioxide emissions). Other environmental websites claim the global warming summit was “ethically compromised” due to intense pressure exerted by male-dominated “corporate environmentalism,” and failed to get rich countries to pay reparations to poor countries.

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