Abortion Victims And Perpetrators

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Janet A. Morana Executive Director, Priests for Life
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A tweet scrolled across my mobile phone from Hillary Clinton that said “Dignity and respect for women and girls is also on the ballot this election.” Those hollow words were sent out by a presidential candidate who is a cheerleader for abortion for any reason at any time in pregnancy.

When she says she cares about women’s health and vows to defend access to “safe and legal” abortion, I always wonder how she will manage to make abortion safe and if she knows the names of these women whose dignity was denied.

Jamie Lee Morales died after a second-trimester abortion July 9 in Queens. The New York City Medical Examiner found that her death was caused by hemorrhaging from injuries of the cervix, uterus and uterine artery. According to the office of the Queens District Attorney, which has charged abortionist Robert Rho with manslaughter, Ms. Morales was allowed to leave the “medical office” despite having collapsed and appearing disoriented after the abortion.

Cree Erwin died July 3, three days after a second-trimester abortion at Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, MI. Incredibly, the autopsy report has yet to be issued, according to a detective from the Battle Creek Police Department.

Alexandra Nunez died after a second-trimester abortion in 2010 in Queens, N.Y. After the abortion, Ms. Nunez bled for 45 minutes before an ambulance was summoned. When paramedics arrived, they found the 37-year-old mother of four still on the procedure table in stirrups, cold and gray, her blood pooling on the floor beneath her.

Tonya Reaves died from a second-trimester abortion in 2012 at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago. The abortion business was ordered to pay $2 million once Ms. Reaves’ son turns 18. He was just a year old when he lost his mother to an abortionist who left her with a perforated uterus and serious internal bleeding before finally calling 911.

Lakisha Wilson died after a second-trimester abortion in 2014 in Cleveland. The abortion business she chose, Preterm, had an elevator too small to accommodate a gurney so Ms. Wilson had to be seated upright to be transported to an ambulance.

Jennifer Morbelli died in 2013 after an abortion at 33 weeks in Maryland. Late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart, who also killed Christin Gilbert in 2005, was already in another state when the young woman died.

Maria Santiago died the same month as Mrs. Morbelli, also in Maryland, after being given an abortion-inducing drug and then being left alone.

That’s seven women in six years, whom we know of, dead from abortion. Since there has been no public outcry – or even much reporting outside of the conservative and pro-life media – should we assume these deaths are the acceptable price women pay for being able to choose abortion no matter where they are in their pregnancies?

What I would like to ask Hillary Clinton is, were these young women the collateral damage of our abortion addiction?

Though firm statistics on abortion-related injuries and deaths are shockingly hard to come by, pro-life protesters who maintain a presence outside abortion businesses report that women are rushed to hospitals via ambulance on a regular basis. Operation Rescue reports in detail on many of these instances.

We also know first-hand from the women of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign that physical injuries are not uncommon and can be devastating. Too often, the abortions were incomplete, meaning these already traumatized women had to go through a second procedure.

Hillary Clinton will never be able to guarantee that abortion is safe because there’s a rogue’s gallery of quacks and criminals performing and profiting from abortion in our nation, and they couldn’t care less about women’s health or dignity.

The infamous Kermit Gosnell is in prison for life, but others are still getting away with murder. Here’s a look at just a few of them:

A woman who lived through an abortion at the hands of Leroy Carhart just filed suit against him, claiming he injured her so badly that she almost died.

After the Maryland Board of Physicians ordered abortionist Harold Alexander to stop doing abortions, he was caught performing late-term abortions late at night to avoid detection.

Abortionist Naresh Patel in Oklahoma served a brief prison sentence and had his license revoked for selling abortion pills to state investigators who weren’t pregnant.

In Michigan, abortionist Robert Alexander, who once served prison time for selling illegal prescriptions, closed his clinic after investigators found filthy conditions there. An employee turned him in when she allegedly saw him washing used needles to reuse on patients.

Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen was sued by a woman who claimed he tore her uterus so badly that she needed emergency surgery.

When Florida abortionist James Pendergraft  was arrested on drug charges in South Carolina last year, police found surgical instruments, blood and human tissue in his car, and authorities suspect he was operating an illegal mobile abortion clinic. In 2011, Pendergraft was ordered to pay $36 million to a child who survived one of his botched late-term abortions.

At Planned Parenthood of  Delaware,  abortionist Timothy Liveright was labeled “a clear and immediate danger to the public” by the Delaware Attorney General. He retired from “practicing medicine” in that state and then turned up at Planned Parenthood in San Jose, California.

Even the limitless news hole of cyberspace would be hard-pressed to contain everything abortionist Steven Brigham has done wrong. Among his worst offenses: Beginning late-term abortions in his New Jersey clinic, which were not licensed for those procedures, then meeting up with the women in an unlicensed clinic in Maryland, where he would complete the abortions. A woman who nearly died after one of these macabre caravans filed suit against him. But he kept on aborting children, and his New Jersey clinics are in business to this day.

The story of abortionist Charles Rossman is probably the strangest of all. In Georgia in 2003, he administered abortion pills to a woman who was 30 weeks pregnant, then left her alone, locked the office door and disappeared for the next 11 years. Interpol finally apprehended him in Germany. The woman delivered a baby boy but it’s not known if he lived. Rossman is serving five years in prison.

There is nothing comparable to abortion anywhere else in medicine, and Hillary Clinton knows that. If she really cared about dignity and respect for women, she would fight for the very laws her pals at Planned Parenthood oppose – things like clinic standards and oversight and hospital admitting privileges – that would keep these monsters away from pregnant women and their children.  But she won’t do that.

The most she is willing to do for women is to tweet about how much she cares.